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Le Chameau

Le Chameau Country Attire

Le Chameau Brand

Le Chameau is the name on the world’s finest Country Clothing and rubber boots. The only rubber boots to be hand-made by a single “maître bottier,” each pair is unique. In the highest quality materials and with a range of iconic and innovative styles, Le Chameau is dedicated to delivering years of satisfaction to the wearer.  The most popular models are available to purchase online such as Vierzonord Boots, Le Chameau Chasseur, Le Chameau Arran GTX & Le Chameau Mouflon.

The Le Chameau story begins on a rainy day in Cherbourg. Claude Chamot, had spent the day listening to his customers—farmers, hunters and: fishermen—complaining that their boots were neither comfortable, nor durable, so he decided to do something about it.

M Chamot set out to create a new type of boot, that would withstand the rigours of the countryside, and at sea. Fashioning his prototypes from natural rubber, he asked those around him to test them. Comfortable and hard-wearing, everyone who tried them loved them.

Making pioneering use of vulcanisation for greater durability, the boots were improved and refined, and gradually M Chamot's reputation grew. Before long, customers from all over France were coming to his store to be fitted for their own bespoke boots.

Today, Le Chameau continues to set the standards of performance for all rubber boots. M Chamot would feel at home in the ateliers at Pont d’Ouilly and Casablanca, It still takes nine months of intensive training to become a Le Chameau bottier; It's this commitment to skill and dedication to craft that truly sets the brand and its products apart.

Meanwhile, Le Chameau's appeal grows. From outdoor professionals and connoisseurs, who rely on the comfort and performance their boots deliver, to style-conscious rural and urban consumers, who appreciate their quality, the Le Chameau bas new devotees in every nation of the world.